Sarah knows how to work with investors and their tenants

It has been my good fortune to work with Sarah Langridge for several years.  Sarah has been the selling agent for property owned by me.   I have always found Sarah to be extremely thorough and detail focused, in her work with other agents and with me as her client. Sarah takes her work very seriously and does a nice job of presenting herself and her suggestions.  As an investor, I am obviously concerned  about moving things along when I am selling property.  Sarah also knows that I am a conscientious landlord  and care about my tenants being treated fairly.  Sarah has always respected this and extends the same courtesies I do to my tenants when there are showings.  She works extremely well with the tenants and , if needed she has a special ability to  motivate them to become part of the selling team.

I highly recommend Sarah for anyone wishing to work with a professional in the real estate field.