Sarah is a very creative problem-solver and strategist

I needed to help my mother-in-law clean out her basement and attic. At my arrival, I found Roberta’s physical condition had deteriorated to a point where she was unable to continue living independently in her large home. My wife and I discussed with her the option of moving to Minnesota to live with us and she accepted. My next six months were spent managing this transition. At the time, Roberta was undergoing chemotherapy for recurrent ovarian cancer as well as suffering from a gall bladder infection. Therefore, most of her time was divided between hospital and rehabilative care. This required that I manage the closure of her small business, a moving sale, the house sale, the packing/shipping of her remaining personal property, and ultimately her transport to St. Paul. All the while, it was still necessary to maintain her property and manage her finances. Having little familiarity with the area, it was a challenge I could not have done it alone.
Sarah Langridge was referred to me by a neighbor to act as Roberta’s real estate agent and from the outset was an invaluable resource and aide to me in accomplishing my goals. Sarah was in constant communication providing referrals and contacts for almost every issue that arose. She even had her own gardener come over and maintain the grounds and connected me with handymen for cleaning/hauling.  She helped in so many ways, that I can not remember them all.
As a real estate agent, she worked tirelessly in promoting the successful sale of Roberta’s house. Sarah is a very creative problem-solver and strategist and sincerely had Roberta’s best interests in mind at all times. I seldom had to call her as she was in contact with me on an ongoing basis—even when she had to travel. Sarah always followed up on her commitments and never dropped the ball. It was quite refreshing to work with someone with such excellent customer service intuition as well as honest compassion for Roberta and her situation. As a result, the house sold in about a month’s time at a price that was very acceptable to Roberta.
In conclusion, I can not find enough good things to say about this lady. I greatly respect her professionalism as a real estate agent and esteem her character as a human being. She was an answer to my prayers during a difficult and challenging time. I would enthusiastically recommend her as a resource to anyone dealing with the transitional needs of seniors whether it be real estate or otherwise.