A shrewd aggresive agent with an eye for design

When my husband got a new job and we had to sell our house, I had the good fortune to be referred to Sarah Langridge.  Sarah met with us in our home and took plenty of time to look it over and help us evaluate what would be needed to sell the home as quickly as possible for the best price in the market at that time.  She developed a vision and presented us with an extremely organized to-do list that enabled us to quickly and effectively spruce up the house for sale.  She was able to give advice regarding structural issues such as water seepage in the basement and provided all the references we needed for different contractors to work on the house. 

We had to move away before the house went on the market, which made it difficult to continue working on it, but Sarah truly made the job her own.  She called contractors for us and was present when they came to do the work on the house.  She had the house completely repainted according to her vision and personally staged it for sale.  She went to the house regularly to make sure the yard looked neat and the plants were watered, and she was in constant communication with us regarding the status of our home and local real estate market activity.  She aggressively advertised the house and held several successful open houses.  Ultimately, in a somewhat stagnant market, we were able to sell our home in a matter of weeks for very close to asking price.

Sarah is a shrewd, aggressive agent with a great eye for design and a lot of energy and commitment to each client with whom she works.  She truly goes above and beyond what one might expect from an agent.  I felt completely comfortable leaving the sale of our home in her hands when we moved, and I trusted her judgment from beginning to end.